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Nyctalopia is a co-op multiplayer survival horror game. 


A devil outbreak occurs in a hospital during the midnight shift of a Doctor, who is also the protagonist.

Darkness starts to prevail in the hospital rooms. The doctor, because of a strange disease called Nyctalopia, can't adapt to the low brightness.  He can only use his hearing to navigate through the hospital wards.

The second player controls the security officer during the devil outbreak inside the Security Camera Room.

Now locked inside the surveillance room, his only ability is to watch through the CCTV cameras and help the doctor find the exit. He can switch through the cameras and send audio and visual cues by interacting with the environment.

The two players must cooperate to overcome all the obstacles and horrors waiting in the hospital wards.

Nyctalopia is a game of collaboration and trust.



WASD -> Movement

Security Guy

Q and E -> Switch Camera
Arrow Keys -> Sent Audio Cues on Player
Mouse Click -> Interact with Objects

The Team

Made for GMTK2020 Game Jam by:

Alexandros Anemogiannis
Nikos Apostolakis
E. Zachariadis

Special Thanks to Ritsa Dimitrellou for the Logo


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Nyctalopia.7z 580 MB

Development log


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i cant figure out which folder to use to start the game, all of the ones i click on dont work.

me and my freind cant get it to work, were on windows 10 n cant open the 7z file. we are lost

i lied 


Hi. When i start the game, it just puts me into the cameras right away. No menu, no lobby, nothing. Have i done something wrong?

Bug: My friend (who was playing as the doctor) started flying for some reason. His head was touching the roof.

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Hi!! Me and my friends are having so much fun playing, it really gives the spooky vibe!! However, can you include a map for the security guy please? We're having kind of a harder time navigating. It feels kind of impossible to play :<<


Hello! Thank you for your kind words! That's a good suggestion and I will talk with the team if we can implement it in the future because this was a game jam outcome and we working right now on our commercial project!

Alright, thank you! Super looking forward to it! Good luck :>

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HEY!! Just played through your game again and it looks a lot smoother. Great job on the atmosphere! it was supper fun!

Thank you!

Deleted 2 years ago

Hello, you need to unzip the folder and double click on the executable file.

how does this "join at the same time" work like how can we know we joined together?

im rlly curious

It is random. If you and your friend open at the same time the game there is a high possibility to play together. In the next big update we will include a lobby scene.

Got stuck on the transition between camera 7 and 8 but very fun and very challenging.

Thanks! We will check it out and we will fix it in an update!

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How do you join a friend?

You both need to open the game at the same time.